Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Religion for Us!

Today, I witnessed once again, a very old and recent friend, Racism. Right in front of my eyes were people who were trying so hard not to be racist but it was rather obvious in their actions.

I quickly posted this in facebook when I could, "Racism is everywhere!". Can you not agree with me? Confucius once said : "Family is a microcosm of a Society." This is one quote which really exemplifies today's situation. In a family, within a group of friends, we put down another race, another color different from ours. In Malaysia, the majority Malays look down upon the minorities, the Indians and Chinese. This is very unfortunate but what makes it worse is the minorities who are also critising the majorities, putting them down, insulting them as if they are a different species. Sometimes, I feel we treat friends from other races worse than treating an animal!

We call them Malays dumb and lazy, Indians and Chinese, immigrants who are prostitutes and robbers respectively. These name callings are becoming more irritating to the ears today! Is it impossible, reallly that impossible to only recognize ONE RACE, which is the HUMAN RACE. Why must there be classifications? Why are many so rich while there is still a large number of people who barely have enough to eat in a day.

I feel sad. Sad and dissapointed that everywhere I go, Racism is a permanent resident. Now I hope Racism is just an immigrant/foreigner, who is just to stay and visit for a while and then, leave. Unfornately, Racism feels so comfortable here in Malaysia that I see it's planning to stay for good! Why? Simple answer would be many are treating it like KING and giving it the POWER to rule.

If Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and even Confucianism can be a religion, then I believe Racism will soon join the group. Since there are sooooo many people who believe in it, look up upon it, sleep and die with it, I'd say why not?

They shout "1 Malaysia" every second, every minute, every hour, every day! 1 Malaysia is a dream for all, a success for many, an achievement for us, but if today we are still holding Racism so close to our hearts and providng all luxuries to it then 1 Malaysia will soon loss its value and become darm cheap in the market!

Many people of different colors pose for photographs together, many. They put up their index finger and shout aloud "SATU MALAYSIA"! Deep in their hearts, these people are telling themselves that the brown or white or black beside them are only standing up voicing issues for his color, not for each and everyone of us, Malaysians. So why should we be friends. We have to fight for our rights, we have to show them, who is KING. Many don't realise, we already have a KING, named Racism.

Racism has to stop today, this very minute. We have to unite the younger generation and make us all realise together that 1 Malaysia is possible without us praying to racism everyday. Let us detach ourselves from adults or so called matured grown ups who are still talking about colors. Be it your parents, your teachers, your masters, your friends, your politicians, as long as they invite racism into the house, the school, the institution, the country, you gotta detach yourself from them if you want to see a true 1 Malaysia.

If we can achieve this some day in the future, I dare say they would forgive us and even throw their support behind us to educate the next and following generations to realise the importance of uniting citizen in a country regardless of their race, religion and color.

If we can all unite to chant racism day in day out, I don't believe we cannot unite to achieve what's even easier, that is to live together in peace and harmony.

Justin Yong