Saturday, February 28, 2009

Masterpiece of a School's Principal

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The first departure.

When we were all happily wishing one another Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yes, on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Gathering around with family and friends.

Enjoying lunch together while having a sip of beer.

Someone just had to pick that particular day to spend his Chinese New Year on the plane.

No, not to any Chinese areas/countries but to a Western one.

Down under.

That's him,

Tan Zhen Feng

Who's happily (are you happy?) enjoying his life now in Australia.

Oh yes, he got so fed up with the never delevoping Malaysia that he has to choose somewhere else to live in.

Rich ass, has a house there. Remember your promise - I get free accommodation! Oh and food? Haha

What have I to say about this fella?

He's a man of principle.
Wahhh sounds so geng. Haha

He thinks a lil differently of others and has his own opinion on certain issues.
Oh, my politics buddy! Haha, forever an opposition!

Can't deny, a really good friend to have! With great skills and knowledge, he's one guy who never gives up and does only the best! (Is this too much? Hah)

Ahh, his girlfriend is Su Kheng. When you mention Zhen Feng, then you must remember her. Or else, she'll emo. Right? Not gonna post a pic of her though.

Have a great time there in Aussie! Look for a girl if you have to. We'll understand as SK's so far away and errr she's getting fat la (Shhhh...).

I shall visit you one day when I start to print cash!

Oh and the reason why he left to Aussie? Hahaha he doesn't like certain people. The majority in the country actually and gosh, he looks like them too!

Now, are you missing us????

Your boss,
Justin Yong

The little one.

3 months old.

7 months old.

2 years old.

Happy Birthday =)

3 years old.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Money, where to?

We all waited for it, it came, and now so quickly, it's leaving.

I'm not late.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of the rat was said to be a disaster to some and we're all looking forward for a better year ahead with the new friend, the Ox, the Golden one.

Quality time spent with family members was the event I was looking forward to. A little dissapointed though. Well I did have a chance to meet them and catch up a little, but it was just that little. A cousin and my very own sister are not around - one in UK and the other in US.

The family were only lacking of two people. Well very much the important two, as they are the ones who I usually talk to and all. Who was missing then? Physically, I saw them all there but it's like their hearts were not. Many came late and left early, for other functions. Can't blame them actually, they do infact are busy people with lots of friends. So, yeah. I was just hoping to have all of them around, seated at the living hall, exchanging stories and laughter. Oh yes, it is important to me. Family's really important. Chinese New Year is like a time when we shall gather everyone for a reunion. That's important. I really hope that tradition will stay alive forever.

A reason why I was hoping that they all could stay a little longer is because my grand parents are getting old. Their memories would start to slowly fade soon. My grand dad especially, loves to see his family being together. All three generations sitting together and just simply enjoying each other's company. As much as he enjoys it, I very much hope that when I'm a grand dad some day, I would be able to witness the same =)

Not going to touch on the details as there were not many as well. After the second day, it was all the way snoozing away for me. It's was sucha good rest.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I told many, charity is at heart, for myself. I always remind myself not to be a selfish person and always have others in mind. Whenever I have an opportunity to help someone, I'll be first to raise my hand. I'm sure all of us recieved quite a sum this Chinese New Year right? Your ang paus you guys collected I'm talking about. It can be from a few hundreds to a few thousands.

So, have you decided what to do with those blings?

Suggestions? You can buy more clothings with the money. Change for the latest mobile. Use it for a short trip up to Genting. Buy Wii. Save it in the bank for future use.

The list can go on.

I was thinking of how I could use my money. No it's not a lot. Not touching a thousand. It was a sleepless night thinking of it. I could use the money to do many things. Well basically to buy more stuff. Then I asked myself, do I need all those stuff I had in mind? Not really, I answered. I'm not rich, but I do have the money if I need to purchase anything. So, the next thought was to save it up in the bank and collect interest. Haha how much interest could that be? A ringgit maybe? I slept.

When I woke up, I just had a thought in my mind. I've found a solution of what to do with that sum of money. My brain was actually functioning when I was asleep. Haha.

Yes, I'll donate that money. Donate it to a home which houses abandoned people. Which home? I'll confirm on that soon. Then I was thinking further. Am I going to pass cash to the operators or how? Now, I've decided to purchase items that they need and arrange for delivery to the home. Wouldn't that save so much of their time and effort? I'm pretty sure it will. They already have a hand full of task by providing the best of these children and old folks.

I've not done anything but just the thought of doing it puts a smile on my face already. It may not be a wise decision to you, but that's the way I am. I'm already feeling very comfortable being given everything I need. Why not share some of this comfort with others? Oh, I'm gonna use the money to buy matresses for the home. They do need it. So the search for the suitable one will begin next week.

Having said all that, I'm hoping all of you can put your money collected this festive season to good use too. You don't have to donate it all if you think you really need the money for a certain reason. You can take out a little to help out. Maybe just RM 50? Think of it. If all of us take out RM 50 for donation, the sum can be sooooo big that it could help many many people.

No, I'm not asking you to pass me the money as it's not easy to trust anyone when it comes to money. You can do it yourself. It's simple. Just walk into any homes you think deserve your donation and drop them the cash. Even a little, they'll be very glad. If you think it's too much of a hassle and if you trust me, then I won't mind doing that for you. Hmmm... maybe then I can buy some pillows or rice to add on to the donation.

Justin Yong