Thursday, February 12, 2009

The first departure.

When we were all happily wishing one another Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yes, on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Gathering around with family and friends.

Enjoying lunch together while having a sip of beer.

Someone just had to pick that particular day to spend his Chinese New Year on the plane.

No, not to any Chinese areas/countries but to a Western one.

Down under.

That's him,

Tan Zhen Feng

Who's happily (are you happy?) enjoying his life now in Australia.

Oh yes, he got so fed up with the never delevoping Malaysia that he has to choose somewhere else to live in.

Rich ass, has a house there. Remember your promise - I get free accommodation! Oh and food? Haha

What have I to say about this fella?

He's a man of principle.
Wahhh sounds so geng. Haha

He thinks a lil differently of others and has his own opinion on certain issues.
Oh, my politics buddy! Haha, forever an opposition!

Can't deny, a really good friend to have! With great skills and knowledge, he's one guy who never gives up and does only the best! (Is this too much? Hah)

Ahh, his girlfriend is Su Kheng. When you mention Zhen Feng, then you must remember her. Or else, she'll emo. Right? Not gonna post a pic of her though.

Have a great time there in Aussie! Look for a girl if you have to. We'll understand as SK's so far away and errr she's getting fat la (Shhhh...).

I shall visit you one day when I start to print cash!

Oh and the reason why he left to Aussie? Hahaha he doesn't like certain people. The majority in the country actually and gosh, he looks like them too!

Now, are you missing us????

Your boss,
Justin Yong

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