Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Gadget

Dad came home with this new gadget tonight, an Olympus 1030SW digital camera.

Okay la, I know this cam is not as great as Ping Chien's slow cam and what more Derrick's DSLR. Haha well honest speaking, I really dunno why did he suddenly buy this cam. It's not like we really need it or whether he has extra cash to simply spend.

Nevermind that. It's pretty fun though. Well just for now. Tried out the functions just now and they're all pretty cool. There's one which takes a picture automatically when you smile. I'll try it on you guys some day. Haha. The best thing is, it is shock proof and water proof. Err, and freeze proof. I doubt I'll leave it in the freezer la so that don't matter. Being shock proof is so important, as many of you know how much my stuff fall off, like my beatiful phones which end up looking like a trash.

Right, I shall not bore you talking about my family's new cam anymore. Will upload some photos for you all later. Probably CNY's?


Tomorrow's last day of class then I'll be having a week long holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year! Yay! I always love CNY, no, not for the ang paus or the great food and junk but the family! I just love seeing all my relatives being here together talking, laughing, bitching, and gambling?

Well people, it's not always we have a reunion. So treasure the moments together and I'm sure you will never regret it. I personally always hope my family will stay intact and be happy always, be it the immediate or extended ones. Of course, not forgetting my friends too. Never forgotten, even if one's going to Manchester or Aussie. Hahaha

This CNY, take the time to gather all your loved ones and capture the quality times with you camera and your mind and lock it up forever. These are the memories which will keep us all delighted always.

Gambling session is not a must but it's like the best thing to do to get everyone together. Hahah I feel. So yea, of course I'm not missing out on the invites to gamble. Keep it all coming in yea. I hope this year would be a better year as I've just changed my wallet. It shall be able to accommodate some blings =)

Well, I'll continue on CNY in a few days time, so that I won't run out of topic to blog on.


Another festive season is yet so soon. Yes, it's about CNY again but different topic okay? Charity has always been top on my to-do list for years. I probably don't blog about what I've done or boast about it as I always thought it should be done sincerely from the heart and there's no need to announce it to the whole world.

I still believe in that. I've donated cash & items, volunteered, and doing many others. While we are all gonna enjoy CNY with our family and friends, we should keep in mind that there are people out there who are alone. They don't have anyone to celebrate with. There's no point collecting cash and donating it to them as well. All they need is companion and love from us. Imagine if you're living alone all year, even during festive seasons. How would you feel? Will money help solve the problem? I don't reckon you can use the money to buy love, care?

That's how I feel.

This CNY, I feel like I have to bring love and care to someone or some people.


I really have no idea. If you have suggestions, please feel free to drop me a message. In the mean time, I will look out for people who are in need of our companion. Also, if you would like to join me, please do. Anyone at all.


If you need me to care for you or love you, do let me know kay? Especially if you're a female and well single & available. Hahahaha.

What I sincerely want to do is bring laughter to someone's life and brighted up, at least his/her day. This day will someday be posted up here.

Justin Yong

"You will find, as you look back on your life,
that the moments that stand out are the moments
YOU have done things for OTHERS."
- Henry Drummond -

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheer Up

I know you had a bad day and things are just so agaisnt you. Take a good rest and hopefully you'll be fine by tomorrow. Look positively at everyday and I'm pretty sure your days would be much better.

Take care my dear.

It comes and goes very quickly. So treasure the moments.

I'm here if you need me.

Justin Yong

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."
- Peter Drucker -

Blame the Tree

I want to blog about yesterday. Yes. I must share this with you all. It's kinda embarassing also.

I went for only one class yesterday which was 4 - 6pm. No, I never like classes at that time. It's the time when I'll feel hungry and tired. Plus I have to drive home at that time. Ok, it's not that bad. The traffic, I mean but still there are more cars zooming here and there which requires much more attention. Oh oh, no choice. Can't skip the class either cos it's important. English!

Fine, so after the stressful drive back to the centre I was hungry. Went and fried an egg then ate it with bread. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. Yeah, and the children were making so much noise which forced me to scream and scream. In the end, it got worse. My head was throbbing with pain! Wanted to die I tell you.

Later at 7.30pm, I was on the way home with mum. I really dunno why I still drove when my head was killing me! I thought of letting her drive but I ended up at the driver's seat and yeah was lazy to change.

Reached home, opened the gate then drove straight into the house. I just wanted to quickly get in, have dinner, bathe, then rest. That was all in my mind.

This is my parking spot.

In front of this parking spot is a...

well, this tree.

I went in as usual and park at that spot. Then I dunno why when I've already stopped, my itchy feet had to step on the accelerator, it was rather hard. Then vroooooommm and bang! My still new scratchless myvi hit the tree. I stunned for a moment, didn't even though of breaking. It happened soooooo quick! My mum was shocked too, thank god she was at the back, or else she would have had a heart attack. Haha. I came to my senses and reversed, parked properly.

Went down to inspect and I saw this..

and then..


Whoa. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest!

All I could say that time was "Oh Shit!".

then my mum added somemore "shits"

Chinese New Year is just next week and I gotta have sucha accident. Gosh, thank God I did not knock into car or a human but a tree? Hahah, I couldn't help laughing at myself too.

I then went and inspect that tree, which got me more angry.

Nothing happened to it! It stood there innocently. It's so thin but so strong or is it my myvi so weak? Shall test it out with an Audi (known to be the safest), who would lend me an Audi I wonder?

Well, the car is fine now, just lil scratches.

Mum and I sent it to ..

the junkyard.

Haha no la, it's a messy workshop.

Now it's parked at its usual spot, further away from the tree.

Eversince this incident, everytime I park my car now, I fear the tree. It's that-tree-phobia. Haha try to knock into one then you'll know how it feels.

Oh, and the repair costed us freaking RM 80. Wahh, just that bit and so much money gone.

So, never ever knock into anything! Unless you have an Audi that is (yet to be proven).

Justin Yong

Monday, January 19, 2009

Knowing Me

1. Real name >
Justin Yong Kee Ming.
2. Nickname > Do I have one? Haha, just Justin.
3. Married > Single & Available.
4. Male or Female > Male.
5. Highschool > SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 4 oh the memories
6. College > The Underground College - HELP UC.
7. Short or long hair > Short.
8. Are you a health freak > Definitely not. I love junk!
9. Height > Short.
10. Do you have a crush on someone > Oh yess, it's just her.
11. Do you like yourself > Always do, always will.
12. Piercings > No No. Not even gold hair (haha ping chien)
13. Righty or Lefty > Righty.

14. First surgery > Have not met a surgeon.
15. First piercing(s) > Err...
16. First person you see in the morning > Myself =) in the mirror
17. First award > I really can't remember. I want a Datukship.
18. First sport you joined > Hahahah.
19. First pet > Buttons the Bunny.
20. First vacation > Inbound - tak ingat Outbound - Indonesia.
21. First concert > Hahahah.
22. First crush > Primary.

23. Eating > Nothing.
24. Drinking > Nothing.
25. I'm about to > check out her page.

26. Want kids > Oh yes yes. Kids are love!
27. Want to get married > Haha no000. I'll get kids with some lady who's not my wife.
28. Careers in mind > Psychologist? Event Manager? Businessman? Social Worker?

29. Lips or eyes > I'm always looking at the lips. dunno why
30. Hugs or kisses > Can I take both?
31. Shorter or taller > Doesn't matter.
32. Romantic or spontaneous > Spontaneous is good but add in a lil romance?
33. Sensitive or loud > Sensitive + Loud = Perfect.
34. Trouble maker or hesitant > Hesitant.

35. Kissed a stranger > Nop.
36. Drank bubbles > I shall try it one day.
37. Lost glasses/contacts > Both both. Was soooo pissed looking for the contacts.
38. Ran away from home > Home is sweet.
39. Liked someone younger > She is.
40. Liked someone older > Once upon a time.
41. Broken someone's heart > They broke mine more.
42. Been arrested > Nooo. Police phobia.
43. Cried when someone died > Yes. Die/Leave and I'll cry.
44. Liked a friend > Yeah.

45. Yourself > Always do. I trust myself most.
46. Miracles > I do. I hope it will happen.
47. Heaven > Ask me when I'm lying in the grave.
48. Santa claus > I see them at malls all the time. Oh Merry Belated Christmas!
49. Angels > Nah.

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now > I want her la. Please!
51. Do you believe in God > God.

Justin Yong

"To decide to be at the level of choice,
is to take responsibility for your life
and to be in control of your life."
- Arbie M. Dale -

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've dropped off 2008 in the waste basket with hopes that 2009 will not only plant a smile on my face but also allowing me to step closer to my dream, which is to put a smile on one and all's face.

Now, every morning (or afternoon) I get up from bed, I tell myself, there are people out there who are waiting for me to make their dreams a reality.

2009 kicked off very well for me. I always believe if your first quarter of the year is good, the entire year would be as good. This year, I thought otherwise. Is it really true of what have been in my mind all these while? I choose to pick a different stand.

Today, I tell myself, the year ahead looks really promising, and it really will turn out to be. My days ahead are how I want them to be. Like shaping a plasticine into a square, then a triangle or perhaps into a circle, that's exactly how life works. You shape your own future. If you're a believer that your life is taking you no where, then you're forever standing at the same spot looking at people achieving so much ahead of you.

2008 was pretty uneventful for myself. I turn over a new chapter with fear and anxiety, not knowing what to expect from the new book. As hard as I tried, nothing turned out my way as I know now, I did not want to take this huge step forward and leaving behind everything else as the bitter sweet memories. I cling on all these events which in the end didn't allow me to enjoy the year. Now that we are into a different year, I don't want to regret what I did in 2008 but just take it as a long deserving break for myself.

I walked back into the underground college once more this year, but the I felt like a total different person, I knew many by their names but there were many unfamiliar faces as well. The difference is, last year, I sat there all alone waiting for class to start. In total opposite, this year, I was laughing away with people I thought I would have never said hi to.

It's a new beginning. Although late, I am confident I am able to run as fast as possible and catch up with the world out there. I want to run beyond my comfort zone and achieve the best out of my life. I want to live as if there's no tomorrow. I want to shape my life into something that will be a topic others would like to share and discuss. I want to make changes to the world, but for that to happen, I will make changes to myself first.

Nothing is impossible if you think it is possible. A whole lot of nonsense writter up there you might say, but these words are the start to a whole different world for me today. I am going to be who I am and let the world know that.

Achievements for year 2008 - ZERO

My new year resolutions :

1) Staying out of my comfort zone

2) Letting go of the negative thoughts

3) Turning myself into someone you want

4) Charity comes from the heart

5) Lecturers words to be taken seriously - focus & study

6) Glu-ing the family together

7) Achieving greater heights!

Achievements for 2009 - watch this space in 2010.

Justin Yong

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
- St. Francis -