Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blame the Tree

I want to blog about yesterday. Yes. I must share this with you all. It's kinda embarassing also.

I went for only one class yesterday which was 4 - 6pm. No, I never like classes at that time. It's the time when I'll feel hungry and tired. Plus I have to drive home at that time. Ok, it's not that bad. The traffic, I mean but still there are more cars zooming here and there which requires much more attention. Oh oh, no choice. Can't skip the class either cos it's important. English!

Fine, so after the stressful drive back to the centre I was hungry. Went and fried an egg then ate it with bread. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. Yeah, and the children were making so much noise which forced me to scream and scream. In the end, it got worse. My head was throbbing with pain! Wanted to die I tell you.

Later at 7.30pm, I was on the way home with mum. I really dunno why I still drove when my head was killing me! I thought of letting her drive but I ended up at the driver's seat and yeah was lazy to change.

Reached home, opened the gate then drove straight into the house. I just wanted to quickly get in, have dinner, bathe, then rest. That was all in my mind.

This is my parking spot.

In front of this parking spot is a...

well, this tree.

I went in as usual and park at that spot. Then I dunno why when I've already stopped, my itchy feet had to step on the accelerator, it was rather hard. Then vroooooommm and bang! My still new scratchless myvi hit the tree. I stunned for a moment, didn't even though of breaking. It happened soooooo quick! My mum was shocked too, thank god she was at the back, or else she would have had a heart attack. Haha. I came to my senses and reversed, parked properly.

Went down to inspect and I saw this..

and then..


Whoa. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest!

All I could say that time was "Oh Shit!".

then my mum added somemore "shits"

Chinese New Year is just next week and I gotta have sucha accident. Gosh, thank God I did not knock into car or a human but a tree? Hahah, I couldn't help laughing at myself too.

I then went and inspect that tree, which got me more angry.

Nothing happened to it! It stood there innocently. It's so thin but so strong or is it my myvi so weak? Shall test it out with an Audi (known to be the safest), who would lend me an Audi I wonder?

Well, the car is fine now, just lil scratches.

Mum and I sent it to ..

the junkyard.

Haha no la, it's a messy workshop.

Now it's parked at its usual spot, further away from the tree.

Eversince this incident, everytime I park my car now, I fear the tree. It's that-tree-phobia. Haha try to knock into one then you'll know how it feels.

Oh, and the repair costed us freaking RM 80. Wahh, just that bit and so much money gone.

So, never ever knock into anything! Unless you have an Audi that is (yet to be proven).

Justin Yong

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