Saturday, April 04, 2009


I was asked several weeks ago to post on the KALA' OHANA Family Day which will be held tomorrow (Sunday 5th April) at Central Park, Bandar Utama.

I actually didn't want to post this as I never really like advertisements or any other marketing and promotional messages in my blog. After thinking for some time and at this very last day before the actual event is help, I've decided to do a short one.

The reason being very simple, as if you know me, charity has always been a priority for myself. Since this family day not only gather people around the community, it also is raising funds for several charity organizations. The one which I'm informed of is World Vision Malaysia.

Below is all the information you can get of the family day :

Besides all the fun-filled activities and interesting booths, I am going to make my presence for charity. I have to praise the committee of this event for putting in the effort in organizing a charity event. I am glad that Trixxon is not taking the profit only for their use but sharing it with unfortunate people around the world.

My friends, having this family day gathers many people from our community and also bringing friends and family together. Spending time with friends and family is really very important for me. This event, I would say not only bring us closer to each other, but also involves the people who are suffering around the world. As we are all going to be spoilt for choices on food and other items on sale tomorrow, I wish to remind all of you to think of the family of those 20,000 children who die each day because of hunger.

We are fortunate to be able to enjoy a luxurious life today.

This month, I will be celebrating my birthday. I feel very special and gifted to be born into a very pleasant family and environment. I would like to share this joy with children around the world. Therefore, I've already signed up to be a child sponsor with World Vision Malaysia, contributing a small amount of RM 50 a month in hopes that it will bring light to a child and his/her community. In addition, I've also signed up as a volunteer for World Vision Malaysia and am looking for other charity organizations to work with.

Let us all come together one tomorrow in the event and also at all times to bring hope to the children of the world.

I'm not sure if World Vision would be making their presence at the event tomorrow, but I sure hope they do. If they do, please sign up as a child sponsor and be part of charity.

You know, I'm really not going with words, that is why I often put my thoughts into action. So please join me, to make this a better world.

Thank you.

Justin Yong

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