Monday, June 08, 2009

I have a Child!

Long story short.

Remember I said it's important to do charity?

Yeap I've taken another step ahead and join World Vision in this good cause.

I am now sponsoring a child =)

Am of course, feeling happy.

Crazy some might say, as RM 50 is taken away from me every month.

To me, it's different. This RM 50 might be small or little to us today, but it is able to help many many poor people today.

So every month now, I will be taking out RM 50 from my allowance and share it with these poor and unfortunate people.

Let me introduce my child,

First of all, He's from

My friends,

Please meet DUFA DUFA!!

Yeap, that's his name.

Further introduction, you can refer below...

Seems like a real decent child to me.

The only problem is, he likes BIOLOGY???

That's like the worst subject to me. Haha

What if he ask me questions regarding that subject? I'll be asking for help man!!

A little introduction of where Ternate, Indonesia is.

I'm really glad that this small amount of money I'm contributing now will be able to help so many people.

What's next?

I'm waiting for an introduction letter written by DUFA DUFA himself.

How interesting and exciting it is. I'll be looking out for the postman from tomorrow onwards!

Oh and if you'd like to join me in helping out these poor people around the world, ask me how!


pingchien said...

good good.

DID YOU KNOW? on average, around the world, every 8 seconds, a child dies due to starvation or malnutrition.

or something lidat.

good good again. haha

Justin Yong said...

Yeah. Precisely.

That's why they really require our help.

I'm actually more inclined to be helping out locals who are really poor.

Currently finding an organisation which help the poors individually.

Alternatively, I'll find some ways in getting myself into poor areas and maybe sponsor a child or a family with an amount of money.

KhoyYan said...


Oh wait, same age as my brother. :)