Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New baby in the House!

Hello hello!

It's been long since I posted anything in this space.

There is just so much to blog about but no, I won't pour it all in this post. Come to think of it, it has not been a year since I blogged but so much have already happened in these months. Daily routine is no more the same old. My circle of friends has expanded but there are many who have left this poor country for a better education.
If everything went just like how a normal 20 year old's life would be, I would most probably be blogging not just in this artificial cold room of mine but maybe in a land with 4 seasons to experience with. Former classmates or schoolmates of my age or younger are already partying day and night with all the freedom at a unknown land to me. Be it being down under or in the UK or USA, these are friends I'm not sure at all if they'll be a chance to say hello again. Except for MMF perhaps. But with the advancement in technology I believe we will be connected, err digitally?

What are my plans many have asked? I have decided last year never to plan. Weird? Nonsense? No. I've tried planning my life. The road I was gonna embark. All listed out in my imaginations. Happily going my way and someday, something pops out and there goes the plan. Like one, I never knew we would have a new family member, expanding from 5 to 6 of us. Well, there's still space for the family in a 5 seater car. Haha, no my mum did not give birth to a little baby for us. She's too old for that, risky ya know.

There...this little rascal is part of family now though I don't quite fancy animals but I'm sure he can be a better sibling at times. Ha ha! It is weird thinking back on how we got this lil rascal. According to my memory, I was the one who feel in love with him first and then passed the bug to my sis and mum. That night itself we went to meet this lil cute thing. My mum was still pondering on getting him with me by her side saying "just bring him home!!". Being so tiny then, she was afraid we couldn't take care of it but now, he's turned into such a monster!!

Phew... this is more exhausting than going for a jog! No wonder I can never complete a post. Now, above's a lil of what's happening in my life if you're interested. I'm not promising I'll continue on the rest which is quite a lot but just pray hard I do.

Work tmr! Oh and this is weird but like what I've just posted in facebook, "I hope there's class EVERYDAY" (Ping Chien, you would know why! Hah)

Next up : My imagination came alive!


_chien said...

just realised that i've not seen colby before ==

JustinYong said...

oh really? I think the rest have seen him before.