Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's Next?

The semester's over, finals are over.

What's next?

I feel like I have so much time in the world and it got to be put to good use!
I can't be sleeping at 2am everynight and wake up late right.
Any suggestions?


Birthday was two weeks ago. You can tell from my previous post that I enjoyed myself.

I enjoyed every single bit of it with the gang, friends, and of course my family.

I always take birthday likely as to me, it's just another common day.
But when people want to celebrate with me, that's of course a YES!


I wonder if I'm gonna be around here next year for my birthday or whether you people are gonna be here for that matter. Everyone is like leaving to Aussie, States, NZ, Singapore, UK and many many more countries/states.

Never liked to say goodbyes but I guess this is really part of life ey? Sending off is never easy, whether to the airport, to their homes, or to the cemetery.

Also, will friends and relatives who leave ever come back? If they don't, then when are we gonna meet again?

Some friends are easy, like you know who. Their parents can afford it, but not all are the same. Sad to note.

Life without our family is pretty much unavoidable these days. It's a good experience for us though. Oh the freedom! Party every night? Haha I wish. Home is still the best place to live in the world, we cannot deny that. With the warmth and love, nothing can beat that.

I have a question. Is Malaysia that bad for you to stay on? Many people are telling me, oh good, you're going there to study, just stay and never return! Sounds familiar to you? What is it with these people? I feel like I'm so rich here. Not just with the money and no I'm not financially rich unlike you know who. Haha do you people plan to stay on where you are?

I have friends TRYING hard to become a doctor, an architect, an engineer, and many many other professions. Myself, you ask? Take a guess.

Haha many would say Psychologist, right? No no. By studying that course doesn't mean I want t be it. I'm just planning to apply the stuff I learn in Psychology to my future job. What would it be? I'm inclined to the idea of being a Professional Corporate & Development Consultant.

What the heck is it? Explanation in the next post (hopefully).

I'd like to give my personal advice to those who are still in high school on what you can actually do in the future, not just the usual ones. You find them boring? Come look for me and I can offer you some really interesting courses which people will never take! Haha

By the way, I have this very interesting and good book for you out there! It's non fiction and a personal development book. Real good. It gets you to stand up and running for your goals! I highly recommend it.

Title : Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
by T. Harv Eker ( He gives seminars too)

Trust me, you'll be motivated when you're done with the book.

Ahh, such a rojak post. But hey, truly a Malaysian.

Till next time!

Justin Yong

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