Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"1 BlackMalaysia, BN First, ISA Now!"

I was supposed to blog about what my career choice is all about. Unfortunately, my attention was diverted by my phone. News from TheStar came in, an political activist has been remanded by the police until Friday.

What's the reason?
Read it here.

It is really unfair of his arrest as he has the rights to voice out his frustration and advice to the public. Oh well, because it was not the tune the PM and BN would like to hear, there comes the police officers - puppets of the government.

If you all have been following local news, you would know what's happening in Perak right now. Tomorrow is the day. The day the state assembly sits and supposingly debate on the issues relating to the rakyat. However, it's gonna be a knock out for either BN or PR. Who's gonna win? Read the news!

It's really like a drama. Would be nice if it's just a show but really, it's gonna bring changed to us, Rakyats. As I'm typing this out, I'm getting so furious.

The government is by the people, for the people. We are the politicians bosses! Who are they to play around with their positions and take it all for their own benefits! This cannot happen anymore. We must reject BN! We must show them that the Rakyat is serious and they must go. PR may not be perfect, but we never know how much they can do for us until they are given they authority!

My message is gonna be clear. Tomorrow, 7th May 2009 will be a black day! Policemen and the State Secretary with all other staffs are working with BN to topple PR led by DS Nizar. DS Zombie has to go! Perak-ians, gather and show BN how strong you are and send them a clear message that you don't a government led by BN!

Wear BLACK tomorrow! This was the message by Mr. Wong who is now arrested by the police (refer above). This message caused him to live in hell. Well, those of us who do not know how to help can just wear BLACK to show support!

I'm going all black, including my undergarment! Join me?

"1 BlackMalaysia, BN First, ISA Now!"
as shown by BN!

Hidup RAKYAT!!

Anyway, I'd like to bid goodbye to all of you first!

Why? Incase the police will be ringing my door bell and then have me arrested for this post.

If so, don't worry. I'll just stay strong and fight till there is change!



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MH said...

you wait la. police coming.